About Us

SipASip is the professional drinking straws manufacturer since 1998. People consider food as the primary needing, therefore, the food safety is rather important. 

Drinking straws seem to be one of the smallest accessories, however, nothing can be disregarded on food safety.

We dedicate to offer great service to satisfy your customer with the following strength:

 Highly reliable and consistent quality
 On time delivery
 Quick response service
 Having sustainable value and long-term relationship
 Keep developing high value products
 Innovation by new technology

Depends on your request, we may offer variety straws such as jumbo series, Giant series, Colossal series, flexible straws, and so on.

Concerning the environment issue,  SipASip keeps looking for eco-material to assure our friendly surrounding.

Please feel free to contact us if any further questions or comments, and we are glad to assist you.  

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